Tray Table

You're going to be looking at it for 6 hours, why not let others feel your pain.

ORD->DCA - UA620 - 8F - 26 Jul 2007

My worst seat in a long while. However, this wasn't the flight I was booked on. I was supposed to be on UA982 in business class from ORD to IAD, but that flight was delayed for 5 hours -- I wasn't going to chance being stuck in ORD for the night so I got on the first flight to DCA and got home long before UA982 took off.

Of course, since I had checked bags, it took two days for the bags to catch up with me (mostly because I was too lazy to go pick them up at the airport).

Note also that the flight I was on (UA620) was the 4PM flight that had been delayed for more than 2 hours so I was able to catch it.



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