Tray Table

You're going to be looking at it for 6 hours, why not let others feel your pain.

SFO->IAD - UA914 - 24J - 28 Jun 2007

SFO->IAD - UA914 - 8J - 27 Jun 2007

YEAH!!!! An on-time departure and an on-time arrival!!!!! I had forgotten what it was like


PDX->SFO - UA467 - 5C - 25 Jun 2007

Another 2 hour delay (4th or 5th flight in a row on United that was delayed for 2 or more hours). This time they weren't as nice and had closed the Red Carpet club (not a big deal for me as I don't like using the RCC in Portland since the wireless access is *free* in the airport, but $$ in the RCC.


IAD->SFO - UA915 - 22J - 25 Jun 2007

SFO->PDX - UA1182 - 6C - 20 June 2007

This one was only 2 hours late, but given that the previous night's flight was 3 ½ hours late, i wasn't in the mood for another late flight. At least they kept the red carpet club open later than normal due to all the delays.

This was the day United had the 2 hour meltdown in their computer system and it clearly impacted my flight that night.


IAD->SFO - UA915 - 8H - 19 Jun 2007

3 ½ hours late on a 5 ½ hour flight -- not fun. And, of course, the didn't start the delay until we were all on board and the door was closed.

Thunderstorms around DC -- a typical July/August problem in the afternoons -- I should have known better.


IAD->YOW - AC7659 - 6C - 14 June 2007